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Plumbing Repairs and Services

Plumbing Repairs and Services

Plumbing Repair in Varna from * YOUR HOME TECHNICAL *

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * daily encounters many problems and accidents that occur on the plumbing network. The plumbing and sewer system is not just what we see above the floor in our home. The water supply and sewerage system is a water transfer and discharge facility that we do not see until we have to repair it.


With ease, you can call * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN *, we will solve the problems QUICK, with QUALITY, at LOW PRICE. Very often, when the water stops at home or a faucet, pipe, etc. burst, we blame the local water company without realizing exactly how responsibilities are allocated.

Contact us today on 0897 861 568 and we will respond quickly to your call and you can rest assured that you will benefit from our experienced advice and evaluation.

The most frequently asked questions that arise in plumbing accidents?

1. Which of my plumbing system is my responsibility and which of the local plumbing company?

The indoor plumbing is your concern. The companies are responsible for supplying your property with water, as well as for the disposal of the waste one. In some cities, the sewerage and water supply systems are extremely outdated and bring a lot of accidents and troubles to their subscribers. However, do not rush to call the company if your crane is broken or the siphon leaks. Contact * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * on 0897 861 568 and your problem will be solved!

2. Accident at night. What to do?
First, stop the water from the central shut-off valve. It is advisable to have a comfortable place for each member of the family, and not to cover the lid with furniture or objects. If you have any doubt about leaks, just wait until the morning and contact your local plumbing company, explain the problem to them, and if it is not part of their duties and competencies, just call * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * on 0897 861 568. We also answer emergency calls.



3. Freezing of water pipes.
Freezing water pipes in winter is a common problem in cold months and areas. The safest and oldest solution is a controlled discharge of water that will circulate and prevent it from happening. But still, if you wake up and have no water, here are some solutions:
- Direct heat to the pipes. PLEASE do not heat them with a direct flame of fire or gasoline as they may burn the pipe seals and the defrosted pipe may not be suitable for further use.
-  Start defrosting from the faucet, but again we repeat not with a direct flame.
-  - If your toilet bowl is frozen, simply pour hot water through the unscrewed control faucet at the back of the toilet. Pour hot water into the toilet as well.


However, if the pipes have burst, we will come to the site, evaluate the damage and offer you an adequate solution. Search for * YOUR HOMEPAGE * on 0897 861 568

4. Can we also save water?
Many of you may think that it is impossible to save water without being bound by a number of inconveniences. Here are a few recommendations that will keep you in the water without reducing your costs.
- Close the tap while brushing your teeth
- Correct if you have running taps
- Replace worn-out water drawers with new ones
- Do an anti-leak test. Keep track of your consumption. Record the water meter values ​​in the evening and then in the morning. Make a comparison. If you haven't run a washing machine or dishwasher and there is a change, then there is a leak
- Take a shower instead of a bath
- Use the full capacity of the washing machine and dishwasher by loading them with the maximum amount

5. Some tips for plumbing!
Good and quality water supply is essential for the normal course of everyday life in every household. It is also important for the whole property to be used for a long time and hassle-free.
When renovating an old property, it often turns out to be problematic water and sewer systems, which in many cases are even unusable. It is advisable to repair the water supply and sewerage system before starting any other repairs at home, so that we will not have to repaint and repair everything from the beginning.
The materials we will use and the repair work by professionals are very important. Depending on the materials and installation of the installation depends largely on how our boiler, shower, washing machine will work. So choose an experienced and well-established professional with the necessary qualifications to get everything right.

Contact us in Chat, visit our office on 10 Drin Street in Varna or call us today on 0897 86 15 68 and get advice and get advice on your new project!