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Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation in Varna
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home and greatly contributes to the comfort of the whole family.
Are you planning to renovate your bathroom, extend it, add a shower, a new bathtub, or change the tiles? * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN* will perfectly handle any of these tasks.

For a consultation and offer regarding your upcoming project, do not hesitate to contact us on 0897 86 15 68.


Here are some common reasons to repair your bathroom:

• Resale

Your home will instantly increase its value. In fact, many real estate experts claim that a well-made bathroom can provide up to 100% or more return on investment. On examinations, this is the room that is given special attention. Potential new owners do not want to embark on complex repairs as soon as they are moved. And even from the bathroom you can see the maintenance of the whole house.

• A pure necessity

When the drainage in your bathroom is constantly clogged, the faucets and the shower are not working properly, the dry construction has suffered water damage, the toilet and plumbing is running or the lining is simply worn, then your bathroom certainly needs repair. Over time, older water and sewerage installations are depreciated and can become hazardous. Rely on * YOUR HOME TECHNIQUE * to give you peace of mind and comfort.


• Personal pleasure

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful, comfortable, modern, brand new bathroom? Relax after work, take a shower or dip in the bath? A new shower, bathtub, shower, sink or toilet will make the bathroom different, and new tiles, whether it be wood imitation or vinyl flooring, will completely change the appearance. Small details like mirrors, towel hangers, cabinets, shelves or even corners will create a really nice atmosphere.

• Environmental concerns and lower bills

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will install new faucets that will not be missed like the old ones, install a high-efficiency toilet that uses less spray water, high-efficiency showers, thus optimizing your utility bills and everything with environmental concerns.

• You want to expand / reduce the size of the bathroom

Do you have a whole new look for your bathroom? You need to move, tear down or build new walls, you always dreamed of a small window ..... * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will advise you on the various options. We will help you choose the optimal and convenient option.

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will help you plan and design your new bathroom. We will execute everything quality, professionally and on time.

Why choose * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN* to repair your bathroom?

What are we better at?

• One contractor for the whole project.

Our masters have a wide range of collective skills so we can handle everything from start to finish. Choosing us will save you unnecessary nerves, money and the work will be completed much faster and organized.

• High quality

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * has years of experience and hundreds of projects completed. We are guaranteed to work with the best materials, the best tools and equipment, customer satisfaction is always our first priority. We take pride in our work and support it with valuable guarantees that we are sure you will never use.

• Fast work without "chaos / clutter in the project"

We will respond quickly, plan your project start date as early as possible, if possible, work hard (full days with normal working hours). * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * has a strong work ethic. We know how to work quickly without skipping steps or compromising the quality of work. Given the specifics of this part of your home, we know that short lead times are extremely important.

               • Full professionalism

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will treat you with respect and keep you informed throughout the course of the performance. If you need to contact us or change your plans, we are always available to answer your questions and concerns quickly. We attach great importance to service and always put the customer first.

• Affordable and flexible prices

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * keeps your prices affordable and competitive. We will do our best to help you with your bathroom repair project, including helping you find financing. We will advise you how to save money on your project without compromising on quality and how to make your bathroom more efficient in saving water and energy.

Stages in the repair of the bathroom

* YOUR HOUSEHOLD TECHNICIAN * is a bathroom repair professional. The job is specific and requires a wide range of skills to use in a small space. Plumbing, electrical, dry construction, flooring, showers / showers, tiles and many other specific skills and competencies includes our job.

Here are the main steps and types of bathroom repairs:

• Tile restoration or replacement

If you need to replace your old flooring with a new one, install new tiles, vinyl, etc., * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will handle everything. We can renovate the old tiles, clean the dirty joints to make the wooden floors new again. And if you need wall-mounted lining, a new modern sink, a bathtub repair, or a shower, we can handle it easily. The installation of sophisticated mosaic patterns, aesthetic edges and any design accents is a pleasure for us.

• Installation of new showers, baths, showers or jacuzzi

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * has a long experience in installing a variety of bathroom facilities. This includes jacuzzi, deep tubs, glass shower cubicles, showers with seating areas, soaps for soap / shampoo and decoration, curtain rods in all shapes, sizes, styles and more. We will make your bathroom new at no extra cost!

• Installation of new cabinets / sinks / accessories

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will install new cabinets in your bathroom or refurbish old ones. We will offer you a wider selection of styles than you could find in the store, you will get the product faster. We will provide you with a choice of all types of countertops, including natural stone, granite, quartz, vinyl and more. We will dress your idea with high quality wooden or PVC cabinets, attractive mirror, stylish sink, modern brass brushes or stainless steel faucets. Your bathroom will become stylish, unique and comfortable.

• Replacement / repair of the toilet

One of the most unpleasant accidents is the running toilet. * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will find the problem and fix it quickly. Installing a new monoblock is no problem for us. We will install a traditional toilet on the floor or a new, modern wall. And all this in just a few hours.

• Electrical repairs in the bathroom

If you need new luminaires, new sockets and wiring, replacement of old cables or repairing bare ones because the wall is breaking down, we will complete all the tasks. We have experienced electricians and know how to achieve maximum electrical safety, convenience and energy efficiency.   

• All sanitary work in the bathroom

Sinks, ducts, showers, faucets, toilets or anything else in your bathroom that uses water, we will install, upgrade, relocate or repair. Plumbing repairs are within our competence. We will improve the water efficiency of your bathroom and minimize the chances of future leakage.

• Install HVAC enhancements

In all rooms is ventilation, heating and cooling better than in the bathroom? We will install new vents, add more insulation to the walls and around the windows / doors and direct your central air-conditioning system to the bathroom. This way your bathroom will be well ventilated, dehumidified and you will enjoy the perfect temperature at any time of the year.

• Increase and improve storage space

Bathrooms need plenty of storage space in a relatively compact space. Attractive shelf, towels / shower closets, cleaner storage area, soap / shampoo, space for all toiletries and spare supplies ... We will help you increase the storage space in your bathroom for to have a place for everything.

We will save you money in repairing your bathroom!

Whether it is a new bathroom, an extension, renovation or functional renovation, we know how to do it with less money, without compromising on quality. Our experience will help you optimize costs by saving on unnecessary purchases of interior materials and supplies.

If your electrical system is outdated, we will endeavor to repair it "completely" or make only minor specific changes that are necessary for normal operation. Because we know how!

Changing the actual size of the room is the biggest cost to renovate the bathroom, as plumbing and electrical work must be relocated. We know how to avoid this!

If you want to expand the room, it is cheaper to do so by moving / removing non-supporting walls. We know how!

We will show you ways to save and we can also give you a great price and make your bathroom more efficient with water / electricity and adjust your monthly bills. We know how!

Contact us today at 0897861568 for assistance with repairing your bathroom and you will receive a consultation, quote, based on the information you provide us!

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will complete all stages of the process, from designing to resizing, installing new toilets / showers / bathtubs / sinks, flooring, countertops and more.

Contact us on 0897 861 568 to get started! You will receive a free consultation and offer as soon as possible! Send us your design plans (if you have one) at Email [email protected]!

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