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Latest projects

Individual design and construction of a KOCH office in the city of Varna

One of our biggest projects COMPLETED! We started the site as one huge room of over 300 m2. The design is entirely made by us. Then we proceeded to perform. First, al...

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Complete renovation of an apartment

We couldn't be more proud of another project we've completed. When we took over the project, it quickly became clear that the apartment was in a very bad condition...

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Construction of an ATM booth

Another proof that we can do anything. When the client proposed to us to make this booth, they had no clear idea of what exactly they wanted to happen. Together ...

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Full renovation of an apartment in the center of Varna

We are proud of the next completed project of VDT Bulgaria. In order to renovate our client's apartment, we had to throw everything in the apartment. We demolished the...

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Luxury project

A world class Luxury project. VDT, built a luxury project from scratch to turn key for a very prominent clinet. This is a second to none project in our portfolio. ...

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Entire Fit-Out works of the new Sweet Parmy bakery

VDT Bulgaria has completed another project. This time we completed the construction of the new bakery Sweet PARMY in Varna. Everything from the delivery of mater...

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