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Latest projects

Construction of a refrigerator for our friends from the Sun Farm, Bliznatsi village, Varna

VDT Bulgaria in partnership with GI Enterprise Ltd. won the contract for the construction of a refrigerator for organic corn and organic cherries in the village of Bliznatsi n...

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Renovation of an old terrace and the transformation into a modern and cozy place for coffee

VDT Bulgaria renovated a balcony in an old aristocratic building, turning it from an inconspicuous and gray place into a modern and attractive coffee terrace. The project inclu...

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Repair and construction of a plasticized roof in the town of Kavarna

VDT Bulgaria repaired, delivered and installed a plasticized roof of a residential building above Chirakmana Bay in the town of Kavarna. We replaced the waterproofing, new vent...

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The new stand of Sweet Parmy & Ice Cream in Park Mart, Varna

VDT Bulgaria made the new stand of our friends from Sweet Parmy & Ice Cream in Park Mart, Varna. All delicious cakes, snacks and ice cream in one convenient place.

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Construction of the biggest sports center in Varna - MaxiFit

VDT BULGARIA has built one of the largest sports centers in Bulgaria - MaxiFit. The total area is 1700m2. The project includes a fitness center, 5 multifunctional training hal...

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Repair, construction and maintenance of HVAC installations in DM stores in Bulgaria

VDT BULGARIA performs repair, construction and maintenance of HVAC installations in DM shops: - construction of ventilation systems - installation of air ducts ...

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