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Dry Construction

Dry Construction

Dry construction Varna

Why choose it?

Since dry construction is now considered traditional, many designers, builders and investors have turned to this damp construction system. Some major advantages are speed, energy efficiency, sustainability, low maintenance and cost savings. If you need dry construction in Varna, contact VDT Bulgaria. We:

We will meet all your expectations

We won't delay you for a day

We will impress you with low, competitive prices

We carry out our projects with high quality technologies, materials and good experts.


Based on the sentiment that time is money, the reduction of hours worked and the possibility of short-term return on investment are the engine of all clients who choose dry construction. Undoubtedly, these are not its only advantages.


It is important to mention that drywall with drywall for interior solutions such as walls, ceilings and coatings is already widely used. This change in the sector has encouraged VDT Bulgaria to explore the benefits of dry construction, diversifying the production and use of more noble and sustainable materials that are ideal for building, expanding and implementing reforms, with more design and comfort indoors and outdoors.

It is important to distinguish conventional drywall systems (materialized in partition walls, ceilings and wall coverings) from the steel frame system. The latter allows the construction of dry walls, that is, entire houses, roofs, exterior facades and other solutions that must withstand the structural weight. These profiles support the construction of load-bearing structures in homes, offices, exterior enclosures and industrial buildings. Progress in the materials used by VDT Bulgaria is constant.


The steel frame used by VDT Bulgaria in dry construction Varna has certain outstanding advantages: better acoustic and thermal insulation - retains more heat in winter and cooler weather in summer, possibility of achieving clean work (without debris), with a high level of completion on all surfaces.

Its structure, made of light galvanized steel profiles, in addition to the layers that make up the system (reinforcing slabs, drywall, insulation, water repellents, etc.) allow both the construction of open and unique projects and the execution of activities that further demonstrate the performance of this construction system.

Another advantage is 70% energy savings compared to wet construction, both for heating and cooling. This technology allows for the construction of very effective walls that can create interior comfort without the need for heating or cooling equipment. Just contact us and we will meet your expectations.

On the other hand, since water is not used in the construction process, the dwelling can be inhabited from the zero minute of completion without having to live with the dust, humidity and setting time characteristic of wet construction. Dry Construction Varna - choose VDT Bulgaria.

Wide spaces come from the efficiency of walls with much smaller thicknesses than those used in wet work: up to 8% of additional space with the same surface. Isn't it great ?!

In terms of time, its implementation is one third of the wet work time, thus allowing the investment to be restored in significantly shorter terms. It is possible to build a house of 60 m2 from scratch in just 45 days.

Another advantage is the cost savings of transportation. If bricks, cement bags, coarse sand, fine sand and pellets used in traditional construction are taken into account, they only take up volume. Steel frame materials are incomparably lighter and take up less space because they stack up against one another.

Costs of materials and labor for steelworks are reduced by 4%.

Waste from materials is minimal with respect for the environment. These systems and materials described are safer, more efficient and comfortable than traditional wet bricks. Dry construction is an industrialized construction method that minimizes environmental impact as it accompanies the concept of sustainable architecture by making rational and efficient use of resources, both material and energy.

Due to its quality and durability, today it is the preferred option in the world for single-family homes and large architectural works.

The reliability of this technology has been demonstrated in millions of square meters of dry construction systems. Undoubtedly, the sector will be able to grow much more and thus continue to provide more than useful tools for sustainable and environmentally friendly construction.

The dry construction of VDT Bulgaria works with the best brands on the market

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