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Construction work

Construction work



Construction and assembly works are a set of activities for the construction and completion of a building - residential, industrial, corporate, etc. Such activities require high-quality and high-level expert work, offered by VDT Bulgaria for its clients.

VDT Bulgaria - Full consultation at the forefront of the construction sector. We are a consulting and engineering company providing high quality services in the field of overall engineering. We cover the full range of services at every stage of the project, from planning to detailed design and construction of your site.

Our company is made up of qualified professionals and is equipped with the latest technologies and resources, which enables us to undertake and manage any project with the highest quality, speed and efficiency.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our work and to satisfy every type of client, as well as to guarantee the integrity of the environment, VDT Bulgaria operates and implements quality and environmental management systems as well as health and safety management systems in the workplace. Our work guarantees your peace, security and safety.

The social requirements in the field of all construction requirements are constantly increasing. We at VDT Bulgaria know this and are constantly striving to be a leader in the development and implementation of innovative solutions that help reconcile the optimal life development of those who live in our buildings with the highest standards of sustainability.

Our construction business has extensive experience in the construction of corporate buildings for companies, hotels and apartments, public and cultural buildings, conference and sports centers, health centers, residential buildings, etc. Among our activities is a complete and complete reconstruction of sites. All this makes VDT Bulgaria a standard in the construction sector.

Our core building and construction activities and our commitment to innovation and sustainability are part of our mission and goals. With its team and equipment, VDT Bulgaria applies the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly technologies in all aspects of construction, from engineering to construction work and subsequent maintenance.


  • Design. Just share your ideas with us, and we will turn them through.
  • Construction. You have the dream project, we will make it happen.
  • Installation. We have the necessary technical equipment to fit you whatever you want.
  • Repair. High quality and fast repair activity of your home, office, building.
  • Reforms. For fast and perfect reform, rely on our services.

We at VDT Bulgaria are committed to offering you the quality you need at the best price. Our consultants at your disposal will advise and advise you on the best solution for the implementation of your project.

Our work to improve, renovate and repair your building is among the best, thanks to our low-cost policy, with the best quality and constant availability of materials in stock, so as not to delay our clients and their projects.

Customer Satisfaction
Optimized performance

Integrated services throughout the process

In the future, we are convinced that a home will only be better if it is more sustainable. That is why we at VDT Bulgaria are committed to helping create better homes by providing the most sustainable solutions to make it possible. Your office or business building or industrial project deserves to be professionally executed.

In our business, we always strive for maximum efficiency to ensure minimal environmental impact.

We want our business to be the engine of change in society, to interact with our customers. Your opinion is important in building our image. We want you to be our regular customers.

In the field of all construction works, we carry out the projects provided by our clients, completing them within the client's choice with exceptional professionalism and high quality materials.

Our work management system, our highly experienced teams and the application of new technologies make our building safe and secure, sustainable and durable.

Our method of work guarantees constant control and communication in all areas of the company, including management and coordination.

VDT Bulgaria will realize your idea turnkey!
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