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Kitchen Planning

Kitchen Planning

What should you consider when planning a kitchen renovation project?

* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will assist you in the planning and design phase and then in the implementation plan. Here are some of the things to consider as you begin to get your kitchen renovated:

1. What will be the main plan?
Will you have to make any structural changes to create a new kitchen? If so, we will help you move or remove, add walls, expand the space to include a dining area, install a suspended ceiling, add / remove / move windows or doors, place an island in the dining room, and more. Also think about how the kitchen will connect to the adjacent rooms (open or closed kitchen design?)

2. Think about features as well as style
You want your kitchen to be stylish and up-to-date without sacrificing functionality. We will apply our invaluable experience and give you useful tips. One of the most important qualities of a kitchen is its convenience and trouble-free operation.

3. Consider easy maintenance
* YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN* will offer you the most suitable options when choosing floor coverings, finishes, appliances and more. The kitchen is constantly operated, so it is important to keep it clean without undue effort. We have experience in successfully combining style and practicality.

4. Turn on storage
Kitchens need more storage space than other rooms in your home. The organization of the space must be practical and functional. One of the most important conditions for the peace and comfort of any hostess.

5. Consider adding open access
You may often want to get out of your kitchen quickly to eat on the patio or in the living room. Therefore, you need to have quick and convenient access. Also consider adding an outdoor kitchen or barbecue to your indoor kitchen.

6. Think about your costs and the environment
Installing low-power windows / doors, eliminating all air leaks, LED lights and fixtures, and using high-efficiency mixers can greatly improve the energy and water efficiency of your kitchen. Save extra costs with environmental concerns.

7. Permits and inspections
    *YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN* is familiar with all the legal rules and requirements for the reconstruction of premises, the use of balconies, the removal of walls and more. Choosing us, you will receive full assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents. 

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Take advantage of the expert advice from * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * on how to make your kitchen great and how to cut costs without compromising on quality.

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