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Latest projects

Complete renovation, office 8th Primorski Polk 60

When we were called for this object, the idea was to make one wall and paint two others. We quickly managed to build trust with the client, and so a two-week project turned into much more.

First and most difficult, we had to remove this silicone paint that swelled if we wanted to achieve a nice finish on the walls afterwards. We built several partition walls, making a niche in them the size of a TV with additional reinforcement.

For additional difficulty, we made the ceiling on two levels, and we also had to match the profiles with the built-in lighting rails. We made hidden lighting along the edge.

We dismantled everything in the old toilets. After plastering, we laid waterproofing everywhere and installed the new faience and granite tiles.

For the commercial area, the granite tile was 90/90 cm.

In addition, we replaced all the facade windows with a new one, respecting the color range of the entire building.

Finally, we made a self-leveling screed in the places where it was necessary so that the vinyl flooring we installed would fit exactly with the granite tiles.