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Latest projects

Complete renovation of an apartment - Ivan Drasov 13

A great apartment in the heart of Varna, but with one big problem - extremely bad condition. When we took over the site, it still had the old wood paneling and lacquered furniture inside.

First we had to throw out absolutely everything and prepare the apartment for its new modern look.

Absolutely all plumbing connections were replaced with new ones from the water meter.

We made a new EL. panel and all the wiring in the apartment we made new.

In addition to this, we built a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

300 m2 of walls were meshed and plastered with plaster, after which we moved on to the fine plaster.

We made the bathroom and the toilet, installing a linear siphon in the shower area in the bathroom.

Finally, we laid thermal insulation on the terraces to isolate the apartment from the external conditions.