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Latest projects

Complete renovation of an apartment

We couldn't be more proud of another project we've completed.

When we took over the project, it quickly became clear that the apartment was in a very bad condition. It was necessary to completely remove walls of cardboard that were being glued.

We had to completely redo the plumbing network in the apartment, including supplying the marten with hot water directly from the water heater.

Scouring out a screed consisting mainly of sand.

Only then did we start construction.

First we fixed the missing bricks on the wall and put cement screed throughout the apartment. We redid all the walls with plasterboard, but this time on a structure.

We installed moldings in all rooms.

After finishing the two bathrooms, we proceeded to complete fine plastering and painting of the walls and ceilings.

We delivered and installed 3 air conditioning units.

Finally, we finished with the laminate and baseboards.