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Renovation of an apartment from A to Z - Patriarh Evtimii

When the clients are from another city and there are 10 different things to do in the apartment - they use the services of VDT Bulgaria.

First, we scraped and dismantled everything that reminded us of the past in this apartment.

Second, we completely rebuilt the plumbing system, even supplying and installing new taps on the water meter. We changed  the switchboard and we laid all new wiring.

To make sure that the walls and ceilings are neat, we laid plasterboard everywhere, which we puttyed.

We supplied and installed a great REHAU whole apartment joinery with energy glass. We also supplied and installed a partition wall with sliding doors for a nice accent in the living room.

The bathroom and toilet were depreciated to say the least. We tore everything down, put down plasterboard and waterproofed. After that, installing the tiles was the easy job.

The new air conditioners supplied and installed by us will take care of the pleasant climate in all rooms.

The paint came in three options - a black accent wall in the living room, a special stone-washed paint for the bedroom, and white for everything else.

We laid tiles on the floor in the kitchen and hallway, and in the living room and bedroom we delivered and installed laminate according to the customer's choice.

A new apartment deserves a new kitchen. Here, with our partners, we delivered and installed new cabinets and countertops, connecting the sink and all electrical appliances.

Finally, we fitted out the bathroom, assembled the armchairs in the kitchen and living room, supplied and installed curtain rails, connected all the lighting fixtures that the client had chosen and installed all the switches and sockets.

Finally, of course we gave everything a good clean by dusting everything, removing all the annoying stickers from the window frames and cleaning all the surfaces.

The customer enters and puts on the slippers.