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Construction of Metal structures

Construction of Metal structures



If you already have a plan and know what you want to accomplish with the help of modern metal structures, you need to be familiar with some basic points to watch out for and keep an eye on.

1. Steel structures are a great solution for you and your business, but they lose their resistance at temperatures above 250 degrees and the elements must have a special metal coating. If you choose * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN *, that's our concern. We will take care of the security and protection of your investment.

2. Steel structures have one drawback and they are prone to rust. Be careful. The materials used must be of high quality and it is recommended that they be galvanized or protected with special paint. The slightly more expensive option of using aluminum profiles will also give you good protection as they are less at risk of rusting. * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will take care of everything without risking you and your property.

              3. When designing, designers  must comply with certain standards to ensure that the technical requirements for the component products are fulfilled. Do not trust companies and contractors that are not certified to perform this work and to work with metal structures. * YOUR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE * guarantees compliance with all standards for its metal products, fasteners, welding consumables, etc.

4. Before commencing installation work, make sure that the supplied metal structure is in accordance with your design. Keep track of documentation and all certificates. * YOUR HOME TECHNIQUE * will provide you with a complete set of documents for the construction of each project.

5. IMPORTANT! Although you will not be concerned with the installation of the structure, if you are an end-user, you should be informed. First, the main supporting structure and then the so-called secondary structure must be installed. * YOUR HOME TECHNIQUE * knows how, so you can trust us.

6. Wrong design. Technical precision is extremely important when designing a project. We at * YOUR HOMEMADE * will handle every detail professionally.

We recommend that your business ideas be well thought out and in line with your budget. Choosing * YOUR HOME TECHNIQUES * we will consult you, give you guidance and together we will realize the dream project.

Contact us in Chat, visit our office on 10 Drin Street in Varna or call us today on 0897 86 15 68 and get advice and get advice on your new project!