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HVAC Systems

HVAC Systems


The building installations - HEATING, AIR-CONDITIONING and VENTILATION from VDT BULGARIA will guarantee you real comfort, convenience and cosiness in your home, office or production premises. The hygienic and safe conditions of your life and work are a priority, not only according to requirements and norms, but also according to our work policy. It is important that the place where you work or live has a complete set of building installations for which we will take care of, consult and equip you.




VDT BULGARIA specializes in the construction and maintenance of:

- climatic
- ventilation
- heating
- solar systems
Of course, air conditioning, heating and ventilation must meet a minimum of technical requirements in order to be effective. We at VDT BULGARIA will take care of them and provide you with a low level of pollution through the use of the most up-to-date fittings and materials, the highest level of fire safety, because we work with high-tech machines and fire extinguishers, moderate temperature / in winter and summer conditions /, low noise and adequate humidity.

The automated systems of VDT BULGARIA are suitable for any type of premises - home, office, production hall, commercial premises, industrial buildings and more. Our engineers and specialists will advise you after an inspection and design the perfect HVAC * equipment that is right for you and tailored to your budget. From start to finish, you can rely on VDT ​​BULGARIA for a fast, high-quality, affordable installation that will last you a long time.

Not only will we install the most up-to-date installations, but we will also make sure that you carry out periodic inspections and service so that you do not lose your comfort and good working and living conditions.

VDT BULGARIA systems are different in the market. With what?

         - highly profitable
         - energy saving
         - high quality
         - personalized ideas with regard to every detail
         - certified service and service

HEATING, VENTILATION AND AIR-CONDITIONING systems are mandatory for certain types of premises: public buildings, premises where low-temperature or special-purpose storage products are stored, production premises where people work throughout the winter / summer season, where direct ventilation is impossible. When installing the systems and analyzing the premises, our specialists will not miss a single detail that reduces the quality of VENTILATION, HEATING or AIR CONDITIONING. A very important detail that we will not miss is, for example, the absolute inadmissibility of passing dirty air from one room to another. 

Our experts will evaluate and design the best building installation for you so that the air conditioning, heating and ventilation are fully efficient and the comfort of the people in the building is guaranteed.

VDT BULGARIA will provide you with the best systems on the market that you will feel protected with low energy consumption. Our heating, cooling and air conditioning solutions are designed to be used in every industry with special attention to detail and customer. We strive to offer high quality facilities and services that have provided us with a good market name and product image. VDT BULGARIA prides itself on qualified service and professional service.

We guarantee that your installations will be designed, installed and serviced with care and precision to the last detail. Every object is a challenge for us as the requirements of the client increase every day. We strive to grow and become better at what we do. You will be assured that this is because our experience and high quality services will bring you peace of mind that you have provided the BEST ventilation, the most efficient heating and the best air conditioning.

VDT BULGARIA will provide you with all the factors for a good installation.

  • We will review and evaluate the site.
  • We will prepare you an individual proposal, tailored to your technical and personal requirements.
  • We will tailor our work to your site. If the site already works, we will install our systems at a convenient time, tailored to your customers or employees.
  • We will deliver all our elements and fixtures for your building with our own transport.
  • We will install as quickly and cleanly as possible with high quality, environmentally friendly and technically sound materials.
  • We will integrate the latest and up-to-date materials into your premises.
  • We will offer you competitive prices.
  • We will help you achieve your goals in terms of cost, quality, time.
  • Proper attitude, service and support.

With VDT BULGARIA, you set the time!

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