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Electrical installations

Electrical installations


You can rely on VDT BULGARIA for complete construction and maintenance of electrical installations.

Why should you choose us for your electrical installation?

The work associated with electricity and its installation is high risk and professionalism and experience are extremely important. The team of VDT BULGARIA is guaranteed extremely qualified and all the services we offer in our work are of high quality and with prevention to all professional risks for work with electricity, installation and maintenance of high and low voltage installations.

All specialists of VDT BULGARIA have a good knowledge of the work related to the installation and maintenance of high and low voltage.

Choose VDT BULGARIA because we anticipate the needs of different electrical equipment, as each electrical installation is a collection of devices and circuits related to the generation, conversion, transmission, distribution or use of electricity. The purpose of excellent forecasting is to make consumption and electricity delivery charges real and to ensure the safe use of the electrical receivers expected to be used.

VDT BULGARIA can install your complete electrical installation, whether it is domestic or industrial. Support is also our concern. We:

• We will assemble and maintain high-voltage electrical networks in buildings and industrial centers

• We will install and maintain transformation centers

• We will install and maintain electrical machines and transformers

Workers responsible for the performance of these tasks must be qualified installers who have extensive training and, at the same time, specific training for each specific type of work to be performed.

YOU CAN count on us for:

Design and construction of power lines and distribution

Substations with high, medium and low voltage

Internal electrical networks for buildings with commercial, industrial and residential destinations

Telephone networks

Lighting - private and public lighting

Structured cables

Design and implementation of support programs (predictable, preventative and corrective)

If you want to remodel your industrial electrical installation, it needs a load analysis to rationally supply the growing demands of this new equipment, make modifications to the substation, or generate generator sets.

The maintenance of the electrical installation as well as of all the electrical equipment used must also be planned. But you don't have to think about all this, just call VDT BULGARIA.

Our mission is always to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Not only will we build your electrical installation, but we will also provide complete maintenance to save you time, money and headaches. Our regular customers enjoy preferential prices. We always carry out our projects related to the application of the highest quality and dedication in our work, in all areas.

Keeping our professional level, we strive for a high standard of quality and up-to-date on new techniques.

We strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through the quality of our services and products and the seriousness with which we fulfill our commitments. Our many years of experience in the field of electromechanics and control, including the engineering, construction and maintenance phases, have given us significant lead and loyal customers. VDT BULGARIA also has extensive experience in power factor correction and power quality solutions.

Regardless of the type and complexity of your power supply, you can rely on us. We will handle both the construction of each electrical panel and its repair or maintenance. Our advantages are flexible working hours, speed, quality and attractive prices.

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