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"Dеко di Marmo" Flooring

"Dеко di Marmo" Flooring


If you need an innovative and modern drainage system, VDT BULGARIA with two hands recommends DEKO DI MARMO flooring.


This is a relatively new for the Bulgarian market flooring, open jointed with open structure, which makes it breathable, and natural marble further enhances its high quality. It is extremely suitable for outdoor alleys, sidewalks, spas, shopping malls, showrooms, public buildings as it is non-slip, does not retain moisture and does not form mold. Here is a place to emphasize the enormous importance of its installation. We at VDT BULGARIA guarantee that we will retain all its functions, and will give the natural style and beauty that it has and will serve you for a long time.

In addition to its 'invisible' positive qualities, the DEKO DI MARMO flooring is available in a variety of color shades, making it extremely sought after and preferred among more and more customers who want comfort, quality and elegance.

VDT BULGARIA can only use the system for decoration, not as the main flooring, for example. This will save you money, but also get the elegance and sealing effect that DEKO DI MARMO imparts.

If you want DEKO DI MARMO we can offer assembly with open or closed structure. If you choose an open structure, you probably have a swimming pool or spa, as this type of installation is non-slip and increases the drainage ability of the flooring. If you choose a closed structure that is achieved by adding an additional amount of clear resin, you will get additional density of the flooring, which helps for easy maintenance and cleaning. The closed structure is preferred for caterers, bars, restaurants and more.

We from VDT BULGARIA guarantee that we will quickly, qualitatively and promptly choose the most suitable method of installation, so that your outer or inner surfaces are aesthetically maintained, strong, fit for their purpose.

What is special about DEKO DI MARMO?

In addition to the natural elegance it gives to any room, the flooring, which is made up of natural marble pieces bonded with epoxy resin, is extremely pleasant to the touch, due to the pebbles that are smooth and have rounded edges. The epoxy, in turn, gives the system resistance and protects it from external and mechanical influences. We at VDT BULGARIA know how to install DEKO DI MARMO, at what temperature on the base and the environment, as well as all the components of the flooring, so that at the end of our work you get a quality, beautiful and precisely mounted floor system.

You can consult us at any time. We will give you a professional opinion and together with you we will create the dream surface - SAFE, QUICK, QUALITATIVE and AT affordable prices.

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