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Property appraisal in Varna

Property appraisal in Varna

The territory of Varna Municipality is divided into ten districts - Asparuhovo District, Vladislavovo District, Mladost District, Odessos District, Primorski District, Zvezditsa Village, Kamenar Village, Konstantinovo Village, Topoli Village and Kazashko Village, South Industrial Zone and Asparuhov District bridge.

In any area you decide to buy a home for, you are already lucky because Varna is a unique city. However, you do not want to be left lying about the home and you need a reliable and secure assessment of its condition - do not hesitate to choose our Appraisal of properties in Varna.

An appraisal or valuation activity is a set of procedures for determining the most probable value of a good or an asset, for making all kinds of managerial, commercial, accounting and fiscal decisions.

Types of appraisal

  • Mortgage appraisal - it is made by the lender banks. It is lower than the market valuation. The mortgage appraisal provides the lender with a lower selling price in case of a possible sale.
  • Insurance appraisal - is created in a contractual relationship between an insurance company and the owner to determine the insurance amount to insure the owner in the event of damage to the property. It is also lower than the market.
  • Litigation - expert judgment in litigation conducted by specially authorized persons
  • Estimation of expropriation - usually in the implementation of infrastructure projects that are related to the need to provide for the owners of whose properties are expropriated.
  • Tax assessment - determined and performed by the state under certain regulatory rules. It serves as a tax base, for determining the charge for municipal waste, for determining the tax on a real estate transaction.
  • Appraisal in the sale, purchase, letting, renting, development of terrain for future construction, the contracting authority can be on both sides of the forthcoming transaction - performed by expert real estate appraisers.

Why choose us?

We offer security. Buying your dream and long-awaited home, you hardly want to run into leaky plumbing, broken electrical installation, and a bunch of other problems that require a lot of money and time wasting. We will evaluate the condition of the home you want to buy, we will advise and advise you. At the request of the client, we will prepare a preliminary draft budget for the additional costs that you, as buyers, may pay for repairs and repairs.

We offer expert advice. Our team consists of highly qualified experts and specialists who will prepare a professional valuation of the home you would buy. At any time, you can rely on expert advice to save you the hassle of long and expensive repairs and waste of time. We will also prepare a report on our assessment when you visit the site that meets all legal requirements. Our team has extensive experience in the valuation and measurement of all types of property and farms.

When is it necessary to consult a professional appraiser?

  • When you want to know the value of a home of all kinds. The owner or company- your broker can assure you that you are getting the most fair value for the property. But our vision and evaluation is objective, probably the result of the professionalism and experience of our experts. Appraisers who do not work in the field of real estate, when they do their job, do not think about the sale prices, commissions, etc., we from Real Estate Appraisal Varna focus on the home itself and its market value - we have no other interests. Our goal is for the client to receive fair value.

    When a home, the property is for sale / purchase.

    When transferring the value of a home for a guarantee, a court transaction or in family disputes for its separation.

    When you want confidential information. We are committed to ensuring complete confidentiality and confidentiality.

    What sets us apart

    We offer personalized services to every client. With innovative techniques in our sector and in marketing, we use the best possible tools, such as the implementation of housing appraisals in web portals, the design of specialized marketing plans, and more.

    We work every day to become the most attractive and sought after company, offering our clients products, services, advice and real estate solutions that always meet their expectations - professionally and personally.

    Our company is dedicated to managing and evaluating all types of buying, selling, and selling all types of real estate, whether it is an apartment, villas, premises, offices, garages, plots or rural properties in Varna.

    To get acquainted with our company services in more detail, and to benefit from all kinds of evaluation services, you can contact us using the contact form. Call Varna Property Valuation we will help you.