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Faience, Terracotta and Granite

Faience, Terracotta and Granite

INSTALLATION OF Faience, Terracotta and Granite Tiles by * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN *



            If you are in need of a major renovation or renovation, you have the vision, you have bought your dream faience, terracotta or granite tile, but questions start to arise: What is glue? What kind of fugue? What tools? Who can I count on for quality installation? Stop asking yourself more questions and just get in touch with * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN *. Call us and we will qualitatively, quickly and on time we will clad whatever you want.

Why trust us:

  • Because each surface wants a different glue. Our experts will evaluate the site after considering exactly how your surface should be treated and what adhesive mixture you will need.
  • Because the material you choose to put on has a specific water absorbency and therefore there is no adhesive with the same mechanism. We will choose the right one so that you will enjoy for a long time the carefully chosen lining.
  • Because according to the size and thickness, each lining is bent and glued in a specific way, which you do not necessarily need to know. This is our job and we guarantee you, with the skills of our professionals, the result will be perfect.
  • Because the faience, granite tile or terracotta tile you choose has to last for a long time, it should remain aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. We at * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will install it quickly and on time, with high quality and durability.
  • Because besides time and nerves, we will save you money. Almost all solutions and adhesives have a period after they are open for use. We work as clean as possible, efficiently and with minimal expense - materials and lining.



Yes, we work qualitatively, quickly and efficiently, but you still need to be vigilant about a few basic things when installing cladding. Each tile should have a specific arrangement that you really choose - our client, but you should always remember that sometimes purely mathematical and aesthetically 4 squares, 1 rectangle and 2 triangles should not be placed / not in this order /. We, from * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will professionally approach your project, advise you, measure and dry dry several times / if necessary /, but at the end of our work we assure you of a clean, tidy and beautiful laying of your lining.

However, if you decide to put on your own faience, terracotta or granite tiles, check out our tips to watch out for.

If you have not thought about furnishing the room you are lining or the light, do it. If you choose embossed lining for your floor, keep in mind that it is more dirty and if your room is very lit and much of the floor is not covered by a carpet, it may be better to choose another covering.

You may very well like the tiles that you want to install in the hallway, but it is good to know that they are only suitable for your bathroom and interior walls.

For all your questions, we at * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will advise and advise you. Our professionals will design an individual project that is fully tailored to your wishes and capabilities and will objectively inform you of everything to get fast, quality and efficient service.

Contact us in Chat, visit our office on 10 Drin Street in Varna or call us today on 0897 86 15 68 and get advice and get advice on your new project!