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Metal Construction

Metal Construction

Metal construction in Varna? WE WILL MAKE IT!


               In our modern and fast-paced daily life, there is a growing need for a fast, efficient, reliable and secure means to build a dream house, a garage, a production hall, a commercial facility and more.


If you want quality and real time for building a metal structure in Varna, * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * is a sure ally. The benefits you will get if you choose us:

- we will fully comply with your project

- high quality materials

- low construction costs

- quick installation and uninstallation

- modern construction technology

- Reliability, durability, low weight and high quality

Thanks to the indisputable advantages of * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * our buildings meet individual needs and set requirements. If you have a project that is still just an idea, * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will develop, design and implement it. If you trust us, we will control the whole process and you will get a ready solution.

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The metal structures of * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * are intended for both small and large projects, adapted to specific requirements.
With our wide range of high quality, lightweight and innovative designs, we will protect your investment 100% for a long time. In the process of work, our customers can rely on reliability and competence. All stages of the processing process are coordinated and individual projects are prepared by highly qualified specialists.

If your time is pressing, * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * has a variety of ready-made designs that can be tailored to your specific needs. This will save you time and money, and we guarantee you innovation and uniqueness.

Our constructive and spatial solutions are innovative for Bulgaria. The metal structures of * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * are made with the most modern technologies and automated equipment, of highly qualified executive staff, in compliance with all regulatory requirements. With us, your industrial, public building or building will be realized without competition.

Satisfied customers are a guarantee for the stable market positions of our company. Trust is important to us, which is why we will realize your store, hall, office, studio, etc. quickly, efficiently and effectively. We have the capacity and ability to meet the highest requirements because we work as a team and offer competitive prices. Our flexible policies and our invaluable experience in the market also affect our work. For * YOUR HOMEPAGE * every detail is important. Contact us on 0897 86 15 68 and we will provide you with a complete quote as soon as possible.

What do we offer?

- planning, designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation of all types of metal structures

- realization of your architectural desires and ideas

- fast adaptation to deadlines and competitive prices

- high-tech production in line with market leaders

- selection of high quality materials

- innovative production

With * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * and one call on 0897 861568, your shop, warehouse, carwash, ware, etc. will be implemented quickly, efficiently and cheaply!

Responsible! When * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * accepts a project, we take responsibility for all commitments. We will be there for you and will realize your ideas.

Within! * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * will be tailored to your timing and needs.

Professionally! The people who work in * YOUR HOME TECHNICIAN * are highly qualified experts and specialists with experience in their positions and with great creative potential.

Good! What we do we do it with love. The quality of work of * YOUR HOME TECHNIQUE * is a top priority. The service life of our products speaks to their quality.

Low investment risk. Every client who invests wants to use the purchased product or service longer. By trusting * YOUR HOME TECHNIQUE *, you will minimize the risk of your investment.

The metal structures of * YOUR HOME TECHNIQUE * will give you comfort, natural coziness and significantly higher aesthetic comfort of exterior and interior.

Contact us in Chat, visit our office on 10 Drin Street in Varna or call us today on 0897 86 15 68 and get advice and get advice on your new project!